Fans'hope becomes a waiting nightmare

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Netflix's Q3 profit report recognized The Sandman's prosperity, yet no recharging signs exist

More bizarre Things started offthe quarter, trailed by The Sandman, which "was adored by fans and pundits the same," as indicated by Netflix.

The Sandman was part areas of strength for ofa, as indicated by the report. Fans can't grasp the reason why the organization hasn't reported the restoration.

Netflix let investors know that The Sandman was fruitful. In this way many feel the deferral is because of talks with Warner Brothers.

Redditor contemplated guaranteed they "investigated a portion of their earlier reports back to 2020, and flake-outs were dropped subsequent to being referenced."

Starting from the principal time of The Sandman appeared on Netflix, fans have been lobbying briefly. To start with, it was tied in with watching the show. Following a month and a half in the worldwide top 1o was about the numbers. Now that the details appear to be incredible, fans should pause.

As indicated by fans, ending the show after Netflix recognized its prosperity would "look horrendous," accordingly trusts are high.

This doesn't mean the show is restored. Fans can continue to demand The Sandman season 2 and never surrender trust.