Did you walk away with $93M Powerball Sweepstakes drawing? Winning numbers, live outcomes (11/19/2022)

Saturday designs was raised with $93 millions which is great for the lottery market.

The Powerball big stake lottery illustrations has raised to an estimated $93 million with a money decision of $46.7 million

The designs will be grasped at 10:58 p.m. what's more, be broadcast on WABC-7 in New York and Fox 29 in Philadelphia

enormous winning Powerball digits were 07, 28, 62, 63 and 64. The Powerball diagram was 10 with a Power Playof 3X

While one the nation over hit Wednesday's $76 million big stake

two second-victor passes coordinate five digits yet not the Powerball and are esteem $1 million each

large winning Powerball digits were 28, 34, 51, 53 and 56. The Powerball drawn was 11 with a Show of dominance of 2X