Powerball, drawing for record jackpot of $1.9 billion did not hold

Powerball Disaster pronounced, drawing for record big stake of $1.9 billion not held

A considerable number of people were believing Tuesday morning to check whether they were a Powerball champ, yet the triumphant numbers were bafflingly gone.

Lottery specialists said there was no Powerball victor for a record big stake of $1.9 billion on Monday night as there was no drawing.

According to the Virginia Lottery, high ticket bargains were the wrongdoer

"All checking out lotteries ought to agree to serious security necessities to shield the decency of the game.

With the greater number of tickets sold, the communication is getting some margin to wrap up

At this point, this noteworthy $1.9 billion bonanza is at this point being finished up," said a public proclamation Tuesday morning.