Packers performed good in the first half but failed to score during other half

and later give a lead slip lose a disappointment game against Giants in 27-22 Sunday afternoon

games in tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Loss means packers lost by a score of 3-2

giants have Improved 4-1. green Gulf took a 17-3 lead 2 . after the second quarter Aaron Rodgers

TD goes to Marcedes Lewis, Tee, and Ellen Lazard. alan lazardo and packers lead 20-10 hrs

half. K Mason was good with crosby 50 yards during the last Opening half game. Although

giants put together a series of logic scoring moves in second quarter and scored 17 points

unanswered to take one 27-20 lead, and The Packers had their last shot at victory inside

New York 10-yard Line. when they face 3rd and -2 to 7 Rogers was able to Throw

back-to-back passes across the line of to scramble switch the ball over with just a minute Remanent