Ukrainian officials say more than 200 rescuers are at the scene in Zaporizhzhya after missile strikes

All Image Credit by Edition.CNN

On Sunday, officials said more than 200 rescue teams were at the scene

It is being told that 12 people were killed and many were injured during missile attacks in the city of Zaporizhzhya in southern Ukraine

"As of 15:00 [3:00 local time], emergency rescue operation services continue at the sites of missile attacks in Zaporizhzhya

A total of 215 people and 58 vehicles are involved (including 85 people and 20 vehicles from the State Emergency Service)

8 teams (8 search dogs) of the dog unit 'Antares' from the city of Pavlohrad," Ukraine's State Emergency Service said in a tweet

Today : The southern city was hit by six Russian cruise missiles and 16 S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, according to Ukraine's air force

The cruise missiles were fired from Russian Tu-22M3 and Su-35 fighter jets inside Russian-occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhya region