Tracker Dickinson won't stay away from serious chat. During Tuesday's Huge Ten Media Days meeting

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politeness of 247Sports' Zach Shaw, the Wolverines community made sense of why he has no quaims savaging Michgian's meeting enemies, Michigan State and Ohio State

1 know as a Michigan man, no Michigan State fan is truly going to like me," Dickinson said

"So why even attempt? rd rather they disdain me than be normal..- l appreciate ridiculing the younger sibling and Ohio State."

The b-ball star has utilized football as a vessel for waste talk. He posted a container score of Michigan's Week 2 win over Washington just after the

Huskies beat the Spartans the following Saturday. Dickinson too derided the Buckeyes in the wake of opening the season with a 21-10 win over Notre Woman

He even figured out how to go after MSU while making sense of why he takes shots at them. The Spartans may recollect that "ittle sibling" dig at the point when they initially meet this season on January 7

Dickinson counted 18.6 focuses and 8.6 bounce back per game the year before. The 7- foot-1 major man made sense of why he's returning for his lesser year later driving Michigan to the Sweet 16

1gave it some thought, and l recently felt like I wasn't finished with school yet, he said. "There's something else for me to do, also, more to encounter over here