Costs of Diesel Oil delivered by October 21, find out what the cost is in your city

Credit: educationforindia

The last change in the price of oil and diesel was on May 22

when the Minister of Finance declared a cut in the extraction obligation. On May 21

a reduction in the extraction obligation of Rs8 per liter of oil and Rs 6 per liter of diesel was declared

After this decline, oil in Delhi became cheaper at Rs 8.69 per liter and diesel at Rs 7.05

Let us inform you that in the capital Delhi, the cost of 1 liter of oil is Rs 96.72

On this, the base cost is Rs 57.13. The charge is 20 paise per litre.

The extraction obligation is Rs 19.90 and the deposit is Rs 15.71 per litre

This work rate is based on June 15, 2022 based on data accessible on the Indian Oil site