Apple gave a big mess to China, India will help like this

US tech behemoth Apple Inc. has quit utilizing China's Yangtze Memory Advances Association (YMTC) memory chip.

The legitimization for this is that the US hasa fixed exchange that doesn't permit Chinese advancement associations.

Indian associations should profit from this. Apple began utilizing YMTC's flicker memory chip as of late.

As per reports, these chips were initially planned to be utilized only in iPhones sold in the Chinese market.

As demonstrated by reports, the association expected to purchase 40% of the normal chips for all iPhones from YMTC.

Last week, the US added China's top chipmaker YMTC and 30 other Chinese associations

to a rundown of units that US specialists have not had the choice to survey and that have heightened pressures with China.

Be that as it may, Apple has not yet answered this report on its part. Simultaneously, YMTC additionally didn't have any desire to talk.