FThe Powerball big stake for Monday's lottery drawing has expanded to an expected $238 millionill in some text

What's more, a choice to cash it out of $128.2 million. It was a draw with winning numbers 7 15 36, 46, what's more, 67

The Powerball number that was drawn was 7, with the 7 Show of dominance that was 2X. Despite the fact that no

One in the country won the $228 million big stake on Saturday A second- prize ticket of $724,043 was

Bought in California. California lottery prizes depend on the deals of tickets and the number

Of victors. They contrast from fixed second prizes presented in other states partaking in the lottery

The ticket had five numbers, yet entirely not the Powerball. The New Jersey, no individual was ready to win

more than $300 on one ticket. The triumphant numbers on Saturday Involved 5, 25 36 51

As well as the number 61. The Powerball number picked is 1. with the Show of dominance of 3X